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Our ALD girl

We just started so we have only one beautiful girl, hopefully she will become a wonderful mum and we will have a chance to introduce her puppies for loving families!


Regency Reds AILA







*DNA - Full panel of inherited diseases completed.
*Hips & Elbows - OFA good and clear

*Eyes - OFA normal.

Aila is gorgeous, clever girl. She has goofy and playful temperament, very gentle with kids and people in need. She is super attached to our family. If we have a nice walk together and one of us is speeding or stoped by some reason, she makes sure no-one moves, everybody waits for that person.

    Our puppies leave our home at 8 weeks of age 'entire'. All of our new puppy owners will be legally contracted to have their puppy spayed/neutered before the puppy reaches 12 months of age and provide proof to us. This is a non-negotiable term of sale. If you have any further queries on this please do not hesitate to reach out and we are always happy to discuss further or clarify any points.

     Spaying & Neutering not only protects the buyer from an unwanted litter and your puppy of possible cancers related to dogs being left entire but it is also a way to protect the development of the Australian Labradoodle breed for future generations to enjoy. 'Puppy farms' are prevalent today and it is one of our biggest fear's that one of our dogs could possibly end up here. 

     Spaying will stop the bleeding that occurs with every heat cycle and prevent any changes in behaviour associated with heat cycle. Females that are not spayed, but who do not have puppies, may develop false pregnancy or infection in the womb. Early spaying of females reduces the risk of them developing mammary cancer (breast cancer) later in life.

     Some male dogs develop antisocial behaviour when they reach maturity. This may be in the

form of sexual behaviour - mounting other dogs or people! Castrating male dogs also reduces the risk of them developing diseases of the prostate in later life.

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