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Welcome to Wise-Doodles: Where Quality and Care come First

Welcome to

Wise Doodles

here you will find an information about

Australian Labradoodle breed, our dogs and coming litters

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Hello all dog lovers!

I'm Giedre the owner of the Wise Doodles website and our darling pup.

Ones we found this wonderful breed, we knew this is it, we gonna live with this passion forever. We have got a chance to start our journey with our beloved Australian Labradoodle AILA in early summer in 2022.

We adore her and she loves us unconditionally, but this was not a surprise, this is her nature!

ALD's are the most gentle, intelligent, loyal, loving companions, super easy to train and that's why they become great therapy or service dogs.


We are working together with:

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